Sep 7, 2020|

JD Service Plus Provides One-stop Shopping Experience for Services


by Yuchuan Wang

As Chinese consumers’ demand for services that enable greater convenience has grown rapidly in recent years, JD held a “Maintenance Engineer Skills Contest” during the past weekend in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Fourteen cell phone and PC engineers who won the preliminary competition out of 300 from JD’s Service Plus business competed in the final contest.

Yujian Liu, a JD Service Plus engineer from JD’s Northern China branch, won the championship for cell phone maintenance.

As a one-stop service platform at JD, customers can find various services on JD Service Plus, such as installation, repair and cleaning for electronic products, home appliances, and furniture; maintenance for bags, shoes and clocks; eliminating dust mites; air quality tests and air purifying services and much more.

The platform was designed to offer a hassle-free experience for online shopping, and also to solve the pain points of offline shops providing insincere pricing to customers.

“There are actually some shady institutions and individuals in this industry. For ordinary consumers, there is a certain cognitive threshold which gives people with bad intentions an opportunity to make a profit,” said Liu. He thinks that a platform should maintain its conscience, in addition to providing excellent services, in order to win the recognition of the market and customers.

Yujian Liu, a JD Service Plus engineer from JD’s Northern China branch

Yujian Liu

Liu majored in electronics and information technology and graduated from China Agricultural University in 2000s. As he was fascinated in electronic gadgets such as cell phones, he joined Nokia in 2006 as an after-sales engineer.

In 2015, Liu was recruited to JD’s after-sales business. At that time, the team was looking to grow, and Liu found JD to be a great platform for him to further develop his career.

At JD, Liu has repaired almost all phones of mainstream brands. Last year, he set a record of maintaining 520 mobile phones in a single month, with an 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Yujiian Liu is just one of tens of thousands of service engineers at JD Service Plus. At the moment, leveraging JD Logistics’ nationwide network, customers can enjoy JD’s services in the convenience of their homes, sending products to JD Service Plus or visiting JD’s offline service stations in person, with rapid response, transparent pricing, trained professionals and guaranteed quality.

“Now that 5G phones are becoming more and more popular, we have to upgrade our maintenance experience which was previously for 4G phones, otherwise we will not be able to keep up with the pace of change.”