Sep 5, 2020|

CIFTIS_8: Five Highlights Represent JD’s Core Value and Mission


by Vivian Yang

The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) is being held from September 4th to 9th in Beijing under the theme of “Global Services, Shared Prosperity”. JD is participating as a strategic partner for this event with a comprehensive exhibition inside the China National Convention Center, the central location of the enormous exhibition zone for this service trade fair.

Over 18,000 international and domestic participants from 148 countries and regions signed up for this year’s event. On September 5th, the exhibition started to fully open to all participants and the public. JD’s exhibition area attracted a large number of visitors.  There are five highlights:


Comprehensive businesses in services

Many people know as the largest retailer in China, but over the years, through the development and business expansion, JD has grown and redefined itself as a technology and service provider based on its core strength of supply chain. In addition to JD Retail, its businesses have expanded to multiple services areas such as financing, logistics and transportation, healthcare and more, providing technology-driven services to customers, businesses, governments and more.

Six businesses represented to participate in this year’s CIFTIS exhibition, including JD Digits, JD Logistics, JD Cloud & AI,  JD Health, JD Business and JD’s international businesses. Their collective appearance will bring people a more comprehensive understanding of JD’s business scale and scope in the service sector.

JD's exhibition area at CIFTIS 2020

JD’s exhibition area at CIFTIS 2020

Cutting-edge technologies

An array of high-tech JD products and services are displayed at CIFTIS. JD Digits’ Intelligent City Operating System is a typical reflection of the application of several powerful technologies: the project integrates JD’s technology capabilities in e-commerce, logistics, finance, big data, AI and cloud computing to build an intelligent city ecosystem that can analyze the city’s conditions and provide suggestions for its future development.

What worth mentioning is that JD Cloud & AI helped to create a digital CIFTIS, the online platform of the fair. Leveraging JD’s capabilities in cloud computing, AI, big data, IoT and 5G, JD Cloud & AI provided technology innovation to support exhibitions, events and meetings.

It is easy for visitors to quickly realize that technology is the keyword for JD’s exhibition as well as the company’s commitment. In the past few years, JD has been investing heavily in technology. For the first half of 2020 alone, JD had invested RMB 7.54 billion yuan in technology, continuing to be the biggest technology investor among Chinese companies for many quarters.

A sand table of JD's smart procurement system and intelligent city project

A sand table of JD’s smart procurement system and intelligent city project

The role of robots in services

Robots developed by JD brightened up the exhibition space. The first things that catch visitors’ attention in the exhibition area are a line of JD Logistics’ robots: in addition to JD’s well-known indoor delivery robots, inspection robots, and AGVs (automated ground vehicles),  JD Logistics also presented the Taurus AMR (autonomous mobile robots) at this show, which is the latest industrial robot with laser-based natural navigation that can meet different needs of production scenarios.

JD Digits displayed its indoor delivery robot that can be applied in multiple scenarios such as hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, hotels to deliver medical products, food, delivery parcels and more.

JD Health brought its intelligent health screening robot. Through multiple cameras, sensors, ECG, PPG and bioelectric modules, the robot can provide a preliminary analysis of people’s health conditions and risk factors based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories.

JDD's indoor delivery robot

JDD’s indoor delivery robot

Anti-epidemic Innovations

The epidemic outbreak urged many traditional enterprises to reshape their supply chain systems. JD Business showed three intelligent procurement services at CIFTIS: JD Procurement Cloud, Smart Procurement Management System and AI Procurement Brain. Through the sand table demo on site, visitors can easily understand how these services can be transformative for many enterprises’ procurement processes.

Hospitals share the same need for the integration of digital technology. As people still have concerns about cross-infection going to hospitals, JD Health demonstrated different internet-based solutions, such as its telemedicine service “family doctor”, closed-loop  e-pharmacy, and intelligent solutions for normal hospitals.

Earlier this year, to help medical staff on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, JD Digits provided its indoor delivery robot which is displayed in the exhibition area to a Shanghai hospital treating coronavirus patients. The robot helped transport medical supplies to contaminated areas, thereby reducing the risk for medical personnel from being exposed to the highly contagious virus.

Exhibition area of scientific and technological anti-epidemic cases

Exhibition area of scientific and technological anti-epidemic cases

Keep opening up

It is the first time JD’s international businesses are showcased as a standalone exhibition section at CIFTIS. Four business areas are highlighted which are the global sales e-commerce platform; business in the EU & the Americas; business in Southeast Asia; and its global logistics network development.

To make full use of the service trade fair to keep engaging with partners from home and abroad, JD also created online exhibitions on CIFTIS’ platform.

Exhibition section for JD's international businesses

Exhibition section for JD’s international businesses

As the first major international economic and trade event held by China after the pandemic outbreak, CIFTIS manifested China’s efforts in continuing economic opening-up and promoting global economic cooperation. Under this platform, along with JD’s own go-global endeavors, JD has always strived to support more premier Chinese brands to reach customers around the world.

In terms of opening up on the technological side, the message JD wishes to promote at CIFTIS is that the company is ready to open up its long-time accumulated capacities in technology and services to society. With more inclusive cooperation with all kinds of partners and empowered by technology, JD will bring greater value to the upgrade of the service sector and provide better services and experiences for customers.


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