Jun 5, 2020|

JD Joins Hands with Eisai China to Provide Online Healthcare for the Elderly


by Tracy Yang

On June 4th, JD Health formally reached a strategic cooperation with Eisai China, the world’s leading multinational pharmaceutical company.

The two sides will integrate Eisai’s international experience, expertise and innovative medical solutions in the treatment of a variety of diseases with JD Health’s medicine e-commerce, Internet hospital and other businesses to create the industry’s first one-stop online service platform focusing on providing a full range of medical, health and life services for the elderly.

The two sides will cooperate in simplifying the medical treatment process, shortening medicine supply chain, promoting online and offline education on diseases, the creation of a health ecosystem for the elderly, public welfare projects, and other projects. Together, JD Health and Eisai China are committed to providing patients with more intimate and convenient medical and health services and more efficient professional solutions to comprehensively improve the quality of life of the elderly.

“JD Health has built the widest and most complete ‘Internet + Medical + Health’ ecosystem and the most complete pharmaceutical supply chain system in the industry and can provide professional warehousing, logistics and customer service services for the products on the newly built online service platform,” Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health said. “JD Health and Eisai China will jointly build this online platform focusing on medical and health services for the elderly to achieve full coverage of the medical process, health scenarios and the user lifecycle of elderly people.”

Yanhui Feng, Vice President of Eisai Global and General Manager of Eisai China said, “As a global leading pharmaceutical company, Eisai has the world’s leading academic resources in the neurological field, rich product pipelines, a positive reputation in the market, and a professional academic team. The cooperation with JD Health represents a strong alliance. At the same time, Eisai has mature operations and service experience in Japanese pensions, nursing and other industries as well as services for the elderly, and the model can be used as a reference for the China market. The two sides will work together to meet the challenges brought about by the aging of Chinese society and jointly contribute to the construction of a ‘healthy China’.”