Mar 26, 2021|

JD Health Executives Share Industry Insights at International Media Roundtable


by Hui Zhang

JD Health today announced the establishment of a specialized medical center for seniors at an online roundtable.

Members of 14 international media outlets, including BBC, Reuters, AFP, SCMP, Nikkei Asia and TechCrunch joined this roundtable , and three JD Health executives at JD’s headquarters in Beijing shared their views about the future and innovation of internet healthcare.

The new medical center is a result of cooperation between JD Health and Beijing Hospital, which offers excellent senior care, as well as the Chinese Aging Well Association. The center will offer distinguished doctors, online consultation, drugs and devices purchase, as well as convenient omni-channel fulfillment services down to the last mile, aiming to provide one-stop healthcare services for seniors.

Jianbo Xiao, general manager of internet healthcare at JD Health, explained that JD Health’s  intention of establishing the center is to provide one-stop healthcare services for seniors. Xiao also introduced the overall logic of establishing JD Health’s internet hospital. In addition, Xiao shared some JD Health’s achievements thus far, such as working with Tianjin Nankai Hospital to build an internet hospital, as well as the company’s first internet hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Henan province in partnership with the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine. Xiao stressed that technology has played an important role in telemedicine’s development.

JIANBO XIAO, General Manager, Internet healthcare at JD health

“Telemedicine’s development is still at an early stage. The current online consultation experience could still be improved, and the explosive growth of the industry must rely on the extensive application of 5G, big data, AI and other advanced technologies,” said Xiao.

Nan Lu, head of family doctor at JD Health, shared that limited medical resources in China is the reason JD Health launched the family doctor program. Lu said JD Health’s family doctor program is focused on disease prevention and health management, rather than waiting for patients who are already sick to come seeking help. To benefit more people further cultivate telemedicine habits, JD Health will work closely with communities so as to improve professional skills and make it easy for people access to high-quality medical services.

Nan Lu, head of family doctor at JD Health

“We will improve service quality of health care centers, increase their service efficiency and reduce the burden on doctors,” said Lu.

JD Health established the Rare Disease Care Center on Feb. 27 and set up a fund to provide charity subsidies for patients, aiming to bring both medicine, which is difficult to access, and expert resources to patients. Jing Fan, head of the JD pharmacy’s rare disease care project at JD Health, said at the roundtable that China’s rare disease medicine and medical services are mostly concentrated in first tier cities, so many patients outside of these cities will face challenges and a lack of resources for daily health management.

Jing Fan, head of the JD pharmacy’s rare disease care project at JD Health

In explaining how internet platforms such as JD Health can help, Fan said: “On the one hand, doctors can provide online consultations to patients and help them with disease management services. On the other hand, patients can purchase medicines to be delivered to their doorsteps via JD,” said Fan.