Sep 14, 2023|

JD Health Dispatches Expert Physician and Donates Critical Supplies for Earthquake Relief in Morocco


by Vivian Yang

JD Health is rapidly mobilizing resources to aid the ongoing earthquake relief efforts in Morocco. On September 14th, we dispatched an expert orthopedic doctor to collaborate with the international disaster response team led by the Beijing One Heart Sphere Charity Foundation. Additionally, we’re coordinating the delivery of essential medical supplies to support the mission.

Dr. Zhang Haijing, a veteran in medical relief with nearly two decades of specialized experience, will represent JD Health in Morocco. His extensive background includes involvement in flood relief, earthquake rescues, counter-terrorism operations, and mass event medical assistance. Since joining JD Health, Dr. Zhang has provided complimentary consultations to hundreds during emergency rescues, drawing from his expertise in wilderness first aid and medical rescue.

The volunteer team will depart at midnight on September 14th, Beijing time. They will bring an initial shipment of critical medical supplies, generously donated by JD Health in partnership with China’s leading medical product manufacturer, HYNAUT. The shipment includes essentials such as iodine swabs, sterile disinfectant swabs, waterproof dressings, adhesive tapes, surgical dressings, non-woven bandages, and N95 masks, among others.

At JD Health, we take immense pride in our team of full-time doctors—92% of whom have over a decade of clinical experience. In addition to offering daily online medical consultations, our doctors are committed to humanitarian work. They have been on the front lines of various disaster relief operations, both domestically and internationally. Following the devastating floods in Henan and Shanxi in 2021, our team provided critical on-site medical support and facilitated the donation of essential disinfection and pharmaceutical supplies. Earlier this year, when a severe earthquake hit West Asia, we were quick to mobilize resources, offering crucial support to local relief efforts. And just last month, we sent doctors to Zhuozhou in Hebei Province, an area heavily impacted by persistent torrential rains.