Aug 21, 2020|

JD Health Opens a Spine Care Center


by Vivian Yang

JD Health launched a specialized medical center for spine care on August 20th. At the official launch ceremony in Beijing, prof. Zhang Xifeng accepted the invitation to be the leading scientist for the center. The center will leverage the “internet+healthcare” model to create comprehensive spinal health services with the integration of disease screening, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, and health management.

Prof. Zhang is a renowned expert in minimally invasive spinal surgery in China. His team is also composed of doctors from the best hospitals in China. Their rich clinical experience in spinal diseases is valuable in helping the center support its patients.

Jianbo Xiao (Left) and Prof. Zhang Xifeng (Right)

Jianbo Xiao (Left) and Prof. Zhang Xifeng (Right)

Through JD Health, patients with spinal diseases can not only get easier access to specialized experts from China’s top-level hospitals online with timely feedback and assistance for in-person doctor’s appointments, but also they can benefit from doctors’ consultations organized on JD Health. A spinal symptom might be related to multiple health conditions and a timely medical consultation with doctors of different specializations is helpful for patients to get a more effective treatment solution.

“The spine care center is a new addition to JD Health’s portfolio of specialized medical centers. Through building these centers, JD Health will continue to tap the potential of the ‘internet + healthcare’ model to integrate high-quality healthcare resources and optimize their allocation so as to help improve the health of Chinese people,” said Jianbo Xiao, general manager of the telemedicine department of JD Health.

China’s latest health data shows that 97% of middle-aged and elderly people suffer from spinal diseases, and there has been a trend of patients getting younger in recent years. More than 40% of people under the age of 40 have various spinal problems.

According to prof. Zhang, the most common spinal diseases include lumbar disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis and cervical spondylosis. Most patients do not need surgery. Conservative treatments and therapeutic instruments can help them alleviate some pain.

Thanks to JD Health’s closed-loop telemedicine services, besides medical consultations, patients can also order quality-guaranteed medicine and therapeutic instruments under their doctors’ advice on JD’s pharmaceutical platform and JD’s superior logistics service will ensure same- or next-day delivery.