Aug 26, 2020|

JD Helps 28-Year-Couple Realize Proposal Dreams on Chinese Valentine’s Day


by Rachel Liu

August 25th is Chinese Valentine’s Day, also called Qixi in Chinese, which falls on July 7th on the lunar calendar. A special wedding proposal was made on an airplane from Beijing to Sanya, Hainan province. Mr. Wang, who is over his 50s, proposed to his wife Ms. Gao whom he has been married to for 28 years.

Half a month ago, JD Travel and Capital Airlines initiated an event to help a couple to have a wedding proposal on an airplane. Customers can submit their love stories, and the couple with the most touching story will win a “proposal package” that includes return tickets from Beijing to Sanya, a free hotel room, a photo shoot, a camera and flowers worth RMB 20,000 yuan in total. Mr. Wang’s son saw the event and signed up on behalf of his parents. Hundreds of couples submitted their stories, and Mr. Wang’s story was selected by the judges.

To enable this proposal, JD Travel, a department under JD’s Life & Services business group, worked with Capital Airlines and brand partners including Fujifilm and the Sanya Narada Resort. JD Travel provides booking services for plane and train tickets, hotel booking and more.

JD Travel provides booking services for plane and train tickets, hotel booking and more.

Mr. Wang and his wife got married in 1992. At that time, they didn’t have relatively deep pockets to have a decent proposal or wedding or a honeymoon travel. After they got married, they didn’t have many opportunities to go on trips together as they are both busy working as Chinese calligraphy and painting artists. Mr. Wang has been longing to have a chance to compensate his wife a memorable proposal ritual to show his love and appreciate to her for taking care of him and the family. Today, surrounded by romantic decorations, light music and excited passengers, Mr. Wang turned to his wife with roses in hand and “proposed” to her.

Mr. Wang said to his wife: “You have devoted yourself to take care of the family. Our life got better off every day because of your efforts. Let me have the chance to tell you that I love you. I want to be by your side for the rest of our lives. Will you accept this long-delayed proposal?” She replied with tears in her eyes: “I do.”

“Times flies, we have spent 28 years together. I have always felt sorry to my wife because I was not able to propose to her properly. I hope to take this chance to make it up to her,” said Mr. Wang: “Qixi is a very special day for Chinese people. Thanks to JD and Capital Travel for making this proposal possible.”

“I hope we can continue to support each other not only in our life journey, but also in our artistic journey. I am very hopeful for our future ahead.” said Ms. Gao.