Oct 19, 2020|

JD Holds “Autumn Garden Festival”


by Vivian Yang

JD Life and Services business unit is holding the “Autumn Garden Festival” online from October 14-20, providing diversified, personalized and professional gardening-related products to help customers take care of their plants during autumn time and prepare for the winter.

Gardening fans can enjoy big discounts on green plants, seeds, pots, vases, and all kinds of small planting gadgets on JD Flowers’ platform, while acquiring handy guidance on how to cultivate their plants.

A JD Flowers product page

China’s eight-day Golden Week holiday in early October left many Chinese families with mooncake boxes, chocolate jars, gift boxes, plastic bottles, and even deserted tires on their balconies or in their basements. JD showcased creative methods and tips to help consumers exercise their “green thumbs” and make good use of these containers to decorate their homes.

Professional gardeners can also find a full range of gardening instruments and tools on JD including lawn movers, electric saws, gardening scissors, pesticide, fungicide, and more with guaranteed quality and at attractive prices.