Oct 19, 2020|

JD Helps Guizhou Farmers in Boosting Kiwi Fruit Sales


by Yuchuan Wang

Jun Zhan is one of the most successful kiwi fruit growers in Xinming, a village located in Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou province in the southwest of China. Thanks to JD.com, his kiwis were able to sell across the country despite the impact of the pandemic.

Xinming village is expected to produce 200,000 kilograms of kiwi fruit this year, twice the amount produced last year. In fact, at the beginning of this year, that outcome was unthinkable.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, very few wholesalers came to Xinming earlier this year. Like many other growers, Zhan was afraid his kiwi harvest would rot. If he lost this year’s kiwis, it would wipe out his business, in which he had invested his entire fortune.

Although more and more farmers around the country are leveraging e-commerce to sell their products, most of the kiwi growers in Xinming are elderly people who have never stepped out of their village. Before this year, they had little knowledge of buying online, let alone selling through the internet.

Zhan’s two daughters, Liyuan and Liya, were born in the 1990s. When the pandemic threatened to bankrupt their father’s business, they (together with Yawen Wan, a local village employee around their age) wanted to do something to change the situation. They decided to contact JD’s branch company in Guizhou.

When Yangxi Wei from JD’s Guizhou branch heard the young women’s story, he quickly helped them draft an integrated sales plan from marketing to sales to transportation.

“We have lots of experience in helping farmers sell their products, especially since the pandemic,” Wei said. “We do not only handle the logistics transportation, we also have various sales channels such as through JD’s livestreaming business, JD’s fresh food business SEVEN FRESH and social e-commerce platform Jingxi.”

JD’s fresh food business SEVEN FRESH and social e-commerce platform Jingxi.”

On September 20th, the three young women launched their first livestream on JD to bring attention to Zhan’s kiwi business. The 1-hour livestream attracted over 320,000 visitors, and over 60,000 kilograms of local kiwi fruit were sold.

Through JD’s logistics business, the company is now helping more companies in the local county where Xinming village is located to explore selling online. JD will provide training seminars to the growers to equip every farmer with e-commerce abilities.