Sep 7, 2020|

JD.ID Distributes PPEs to Hospitals in Indonesia


by Martin Li

JD.ID, the e-commerce joint venture of in Indonesia, has started distributing personal protective equipment(PPE)to hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients, as a result of a cooperative program with local non-profit organization Kitabisa. The first 250 sets of PPE were distributed to local hospitals on September 4th, with the remaining supplies set to be distributed before September 30th.

In cooperation with Kitabisa, JD.ID launched a campaign called JD Peduli #IndonesiaLawanCorona on April 8th, with the goal of raising funds to support virus-fighting efforts in Indonesia.

The program lasted until July 31st and raised IDR109,334,591 (US$7408) in total, exceeding a preset target of IDR100,000,000 (US$6776). All the funds were submitted to Kitabisa to purchase medical supplies including PPE.

PPE distribution to local hospital in Indonesia on September 5th.

PPE distribution to local hospital in Indonesia on September 5th.

President & CEO of JD.ID Zhang Li expressed his gratitude to the people of Indonesia, especially JD.ID’s loyal customers, for their enthusiasm in supporting the JD Peduli#IndonesiaLawanCorona program.

“Thank you to all of JD’s friends for making this social program a success,” Zhang said. “The program would not be possible without your support .”

“JD.ID has a mission to deliver joy through our presence in Indonesia, not only to our customers, but also to the entire community, including medical personnel and health volunteers,” Zhang said. “Through the delivery of these PPE packages, we hope that JD.ID can continue to be a source of joy in Indonesian society, either through our role as an e-commerce platform that provides people’s needs or as a social means to help one another.”

JD.ID’s e-commerce platform opened up more diverse means of raising funds for the program, including cooperation with local designers to sell original masks.

Co-founder & CEO of Kitabisa Alfatih Timur thanked JD.ID for its willingness to cooperate on this humanitarian action; and expressed hope that the JD Peduli #IndonesiaLawanCorona program would facilitate the fight against the Coronavirus.

“Fighting the Coronavirus is not only the task of the government, health workers and medical volunteers,” he said. “This is a duty for all of us, as part of Indonesian society.”