Sep 13, 2022|

JD Initiates First Shopping Festival for Agricultural Specialties


by Yiming Yan

JD’s first Shopping Festival of Agricultural Specialties kicked off on September 7, during which pledges to commit resources to promote 300,000 kinds of agricultural specialties from more than 2000 agricultural industrial belts.

The shopping festival, which will run until the 25th of September, will provide consumers with billions yuan RMB worth of consumption vouchers for agricultural specialties, while 120,000 kinds of verified high-quality agricultural specialties by geographical indication will be put on shelf, including Wuchang Rice from Heilongjiang, Korla Fragrant Pears from Xinjiang and Suqian Hairy Crabs from Jiangsu.

Farmers can also participate in the shopping festival directly by getting discounts on purchasing farming tools and fertilizers.

As a part of the festival, county and agricultural officials from the provenance will be invited to join live events and directly introduce and promote local products to consumers. Meanwhile, JD’s Shop Now and JDDJ will provide one-hour delivery services at more than 1,700 lower-tier cities.

Positioned as a new type of real economy enterprise, continues to play to its advantage and join hands with local governments to help revitalize China’s rural areas.

With the help of, Ningde Yellow Croakers from Fujian, Xiuwen Kiwi from Guizhou, Wuchang Rice and many other agricultural specialties have achieved scale and quality development in sales. The market share of Ningde Yellow Croakers surged by 500 percent, and more than 4,000 farmers directly benefited from Wuchang Rice’s robust sales.

China’s e-commerce giant rolled out the “March to Rich Plan” in 2020 to empower rural areas in the next three years, aiming to facilitate a growth of RMB 1 trillion yuan output value in rural areas. Millions of farmers had profited from the plan since the end of 2021 when 320 billion in output was achieved.