Apr 22, 2020|

JD Introduces Nearly 10,000 Gas Stations Online through Working with FLEETIN


by Rachel Liu

On April 21th, JD officially announced the partnership with car refueling platform FLEETIN to introduce nearly 10,000 gas stations from over 1,500 cities and counties on JD, enabling JD customers to enjoy benefits provided by FLEETIN when they refuel through JD at offline gas stations. The program can also help offline gas stations attract more customers.

The digitalization of car refueling services in China is in early stages. When refueling at gas stations, many customers need to get out of the car and wait in line to pay for the gas, or top up their gas cards regularly. The online refueling service launched by JD in 2018 provides fast and convenient refueling service for car owners by providing digital solutions to offline gas stations. JD customers can go to the JD app and find the gas stations around them based on LBS (Location Bases Services) and place orders online directly. This spares them from a complicated offline payment process. The cooperation with FLEETIN significantly expands customers’ choices for gas stations on JD.

Since launching the online refueling program in 2018, gas stations under leading brands including CNPC, Sinopec and Shell have joined the program. Over one million car owners have enjoyed the benefits provided by JD’s car refueling service.