Jun 1, 2020|

JD Kicks Off 618 Grand Promotion, Sales Soared across Categories


by Ella Kidron, Ling Cao and Yuchuan Wang

On June 1st, JD.com kicked off its June 18th Grand Promotion (“618”), which also marks the 17th anniversary of the company’s founding. As the first large nationwide shopping festival post-epidemic, this year’s 618 is the sales promotion with the largest amount of discounts, the best shopping experience, the strongest brand growth opportunity, and the most new product launches ever. An estimated 200 million new products will go on sale during the event. Below is an infographic with sales highlights, followed by a more detailed explanation.

This is the 17th 618 for JD to join hands with Apple. Transaction volume of all Apple products within the first hour on June 1 increased three times as compared with the same period last year. In the first 5 minutes, transaction volume of OLED TVs with a price tag of over RMB 10,000 yuan each increased over 6 times YOY. Of the TVs bought in the first over, over 70% of them were over 55-inch large screen TVs. In the first five minutes, transaction volume of highly popular Dyson vacuums increased over 6 times YOY. Transaction volume of Nintendo Switch products was 20 times that of the May average.

In the first 10 minutes, transaction volume of JD Pharmacy increased 10 times, vaccination appointments increased 19 times, and dentistry services increased 9 times. In the first half an hour, orders for JD Health’s online medical consultation services increased 6 times as compared with last year.

Beauty brands also performed well. In the first 10 minutes, transaction volume of SK-II, Lancôme, and Elizabeth Arden exceeded that of the whole of June 1st last year. Luxury products realized a 400% increase in the first hour, achieving higher sales than the whole of the first day last year. Transaction volume of apparel within the first hour increased 500% YOY, while shoes and boots increased 422% YOY. Cross-border product sales increased by more than 500% YOY.

Within the first 10 minutes, transaction volume of true wireless earbuds increased 10 times YOY, while transaction volume of light and thin laptops in the first 30 minutes increased 188% YOY, among which JD C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) project, HP Zhan 66, increased 21 times compared with the previous period.

Sales of services are also a highlight of the first hour on June 1st. Of the 1000 homes available through JD’s “First-Party”-level real estate initiative, 221 homes had already been reserved after the first hour. Online real estate consulting volume increased two times month over month, while online browsing increased four times.

In the first 10 minutes, JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, saw transaction volume exceed 300%. One thousand tons of cooking oil were sold, while sales volume of the rice, flour and oil category was 20 times that of the same period last year. In the first minute, transaction volume of alcohol increased 400% YOY. In the first five minutes, sales volume of the beer category was 10 times that of last year, and in the first 10 minutes, sales volume of the craft beer category was 10 times that of last year.

For the first hour on June 1st, transaction volume of JD Fresh increased over 800% YOY, among which transaction volume of chicken and beef increased nearly 34 times and 12 times, respectively.

Transaction volume of the Home and Life category increased 150% y-o-y for the first hour. Smart door locks increased over 500% YOY for the first 30 minutes.

June 1st is also Children’s Day. Transaction volume of baby and maternal products increased 200% YOY for the first 20 minutes. Sales of toys and musical instruments in the first five minutes were 800% of sales during the same period last year. Sales of “Blindboxes” (where customers don’t know what the product is when they buy it) were 27 times that of the same period last year.

The first order was delivered in just 9 minutes after Ms. Du, a customer based in the lower-tier city of Handan, Hebei province, placed it at midnight on June 1st. Ms. Du ordered a selfie stick. This rapid delivery is made possible because JD leveraged big data to put popular products in JD’s forward warehouses in advance. Twenty more core cities will have this service. During 618, JD has already prior put over 1 billion products in 730 warehouses closest to customers, helping ensure that they receive them on time.

This year JD is providing RMB 10 billion yuan in subsidies, hundreds of billions of discounts and 10 billion consumption coupons during the 618 event. The company is leveraging technology, integrated resources and infrastructure to lead new consumption trends and boost overall post-COVID consumption in China.


(ella@jd.com; ling.cao@jd.com; yuchuan.wang@jd.com)