Jun 1, 2020|

JD Books Holds Warm-up for June 18 Grand Promotion


by Tracy Yang

Every year, JD Books will launch a promotion event ahead of JD’s June 18 Anniversary Grand Promotion as a warm-up,and this year was no exception. This year, JD released its another C2M project in the books category, three “Super Box” giftsets designed by JD.com, meant to help effectively reach target consumers and achieve emotional resonance with readers.

Using JD’s strong consumer insights and advantages as a cross-category platform, JD underwent a comprehensive analysis of shopping habits of the target consumer group, and worked with well-known media platforms Ximalaya FM, Fandeng Read, and What is Worth Buying, to choose a variety of products, books, accessories and classes to be boxed together. The sets are tailored for different needs are divided into childhood, growth and life categories.

Take the Childhood Super Box as an example. It includes a 20-book set of picture books selected by Suzuki Picture Books, satisfying children’s rich imaginations; a Xiaoya Nano smart speaker, which is the only AI speaker product in the industry that focuses on voice-on-demand content development, and integrates Ximalaya’s rich audio resources, including more than 18,000 children’s stories, more than 50,000 nursery rhymes, and more than 5000 children’s albums; and a pencil case and VIPKID stationery gift box.

On May 27th, sales of books grew 168% year on year, among which 4.9 times as many children’s books were sold as compared with last year.