Nov 5, 2020|

JD Launches “Imported Supermarket” at CIIE


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide and JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, will launch the “JD Imported Supermarket”, which gathers high-quality imported consumer goods from all over the world, including milk from New Zealand, makeup products from Europe, health care products from Australia and more.

The announcement was made during the third China International Import Expo (CIIE), which is taking place in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th. This year marks the third year for JD to join the event.

In 2019, JD announced on CIIE that it will purchase nearly RMB 400 billion yuan of imported products in the next three years. Though affected by COVID-19 this year, JD will continue to leverage its supply chain in China and overseas to promote imported products to Chinese consumers, and push forward the achievement of the RMB 400-billion-yuan purchase plan.

JD Imported Supermarket

JD’s supply chain and logistics capability will provide a seamless shopping experience for customers who buy imported products. Now JD Logistics has over 110 overseas warehouses, over 10 bonded warehouses and cross-border ports as well as nearly 1,000 transportation routes to ensure fast transportation of imported products. Products from JD Imported Supermarket, the platform on for imported consumer goods, can be delivered same-or-next day in cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Zhengzhou. In 2021, JDW will build more warehouses in key cities and improve the delivery speed for customers.

JD Worldwide is also launching its first offline experience pop-up store for imported products in Shanghai during CIIE. In this store, customers can experience the most popular imported products, including on-site wine tasting.

For many Chinese consumers, JD has become the go-to destination when shopping for imported products. During this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion, JD’s platform for imported products, JD Worldwide, has seen great sales performance. On November 1st, sales on JD Worldwide increased 220% YOY; sales of imported makeup products increased by four times YOY; and sales of imported maternal and baby products increased 280% YOY. JD Worldwide aims to provide over 500,000 types of imported products from over 100 countries during this Singles Day Grand Promotion period.

JD Worldwide is the gateway for many overseas brands to enter the Chinese market. As of May 2020, JD has introduced over 1,000 brands and over 500 third-party stores on the platform, including Nestlé, Abbott and DHC.

Besides helping international brands break into the Chinese market, JD also helps Chinese brands to “go out”. In 2018, JD Central, JD’s joint venture ecommerce platform in Thailand was officially launched. In the past two years, the GMV of JD Central increased 550%. JD Central has established eight warehouses in Thailand, and 95% of direct-sale orders can be delivered same-or-next day. 85% of orders can achieve next-day delivery across the whole country.

Brands who are interested in building their business with JD in China can apply via or by emailing