Sep 22, 2020|

JD Launches JD Esports, Its Own Mobile Gaming Team


by Hui Zhang

JD will launch a mobile gaming team- JD Esports – a move to further explore the e-sports industry after the establishment of JD Gaming (JDG) in 2017. The team is composed of members from the previous team for the Peacekeeper Elite game, and is preparing for the upcoming Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 3.

The creation of JD Esports is also a key step since the company announced to launch an JD Esports plan with partners including Tencent, Black Shark, Red Magic, ROG, Lenovo, and telecoms and mobile hardware operators in July at ChinaJoy, the largest gaming convention in China. The initiative aims to accelerate the development of the gaming phone industry by focusing on gaming devices and e-sports competitions and providing a better gaming experience for players.

“JD will make full use of its advantages in traffic, technology, distribution, promotion, supply chain, and payment to help partners maximize business value by organizing e-sports events and related games,” said Daniel Tan, president of JD Mobile. He added that JD will also explore more distribution channels, establish a marketing integration platform, enable supply chain manufacturers, and apply cutting-edge technology to further drive business.

In addition, JD, as the first company to create the concept of a “gaming phone” back in 2017, will work with mobile phone brands to develop gaming phone products using the Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) model in which JD uses a data-driven approach to develop products based on consumers’ demands.

JD is ambitious in constantly exploring the field of e-sports. In the PC gaming field, JDG has become one of the top teams loved by gamers, and it will be one of China’s representative teams to participate in the League of Legends World Championship 2020. In the mobile gaming field, JD was also the exclusive e-commerce partner for KPL Spring, KPL Fall, and the Honor of Kings Anniversary in 2019.