Apr 19, 2022|

JD Logistics and Dada Boost Recruitment of Couriers in Shanghai


by Mengyang He

Amid the spike of Covid-19 cases in Shanghai, JD Logistics and Dada have released a nationwide announcement through the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on April 15, to boost recruitment of couriers for delivery services in Shanghai to meet the rising demand.

JD Couriers about to depart for Shanghai

JD.com is recruiting two types of couriers, one for outbound delivery and the other for community delivery. The outbound couriers are able to pick up supplies from JD’s delivery stations and fulfil nearby orders. The community couriers are to deliver orders within residential compounds.

JD.com has recently deployed over 3,000 couriers to Shanghai from various regions across China as a joint effort to maintain the day-to-day operation of local delivery services.