Oct 15, 2020|

JD Logistics Ready for Upcoming Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Vivian Yang

JD Logistics announced on October 15th that it will upgrade operation measures to support merchants in preparation for the upcoming sales season, which is starting in a week’s time. Merchants have started to increase their stock at JD’s warehouses to respond to the expected shopping spike. It is estimated that over 1.2 billion commodities will be stocked with JD prior to the Singles Day (November 11th ) Grand Promotion.

To ensure smooth and highly efficient fulfillment operations during the event, JD Logistics is geared up to perfect each stage of its end-to-end supply chain process, to provide integrated logistics solutions to its merchants and unparalleled delivery services to customers.

JD Logistics' automated warehouse

JD Logistics’ automated warehouse

Highlights of JD Logistics operation upgrades for Singles Day Grand Promotion include:

Intelligent warehouse management: Currently JD warehouses manage more than 6 million SKUs that cover almost all the product categories on the market. At the same time, their inventory turnover rate remains above the industry average. This is realized through a system referred to as the “intelligent brain”, a comprehensive adoption of advanced technologies including intelligent operation scheduling, big data selection, AI-powered bookings for bulky goods delivery and more. The “intelligent brain” warehouse management system has been applied in every JD warehouse that can perform hundreds of millions of calculations within a minute.

Over 95% stock forecast accuracy: Based on more than a decade of experience with grand promotion events, system development, big data analysis and supply chain models, JD is able to accurately predict consumers’ shopping behaviors and respond with sufficient resource reserves such as storage capacity, manpower and system readiness.

Introducing fast track services to avoid warehousing jams: Similar to a highway’s ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) service, JD Logistics initiated fast track services to simplify the warehousing process for merchants during the commodities influx ahead of the grand promotion. Ninety-nine percent of commodities can be successfully stored in JD’s warehouses within 24 hours.

Leveraging pre-sales for peak load cutting: By putting predicted hot seller products in the front distribution centers and advancing sales of bulky items while they are in transit with suppliers, JD Logistics can help merchants shorten sales cycles and improve sales opportunities in peak times.

Loans support with storage pledge: Merchants can use their stock at JD’s warehouses as pledge for loans offered by JD, with an unlimited amount and real-time account transfers. This policy has provided critical cash flow support for hundreds of merchants during the pandemic.

Green and precise packaging: By virtue system of the “intelligent brain”, packages and orders in JD’s warehouses will be precisely calculated to find the most environmentally-friendly match, ensuring all kinds of materials and their sizes including carbon boxes, handbags, thin tapes, circular containers and more can achieve their maximum value with minimal waste and pollution.