Oct 15, 2020|

JD Super Kicks Off Mead Johnson Super Brand Day


by Rachel Liu

JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, helped world-leading infant formula brand Mead Johnson to achieve high ROI and sales on its Super Brand Day on October 11th,when sales of the brand surpassed RMB 10 million yuan in the first 30 minutes, and reached 2.5 times of its sales on June 18th, the peak day of JD’s Grand Promotion.

Many Mead Johnson products achieved impressive sales. Sales of the Enfintar series was 21.8 times comparing with its average daily sales, and Enfa A+ series increased 200% compared with average daily sales.

An multichannel approach has been key to Mead Johnson‘s success on the Super Brand Day. In addition to JD’s several online channels, 59 brick-and-mortar JD Maternal and Baby stores in 25 provinces showcased the same products as the online stores creating a seamless promotion environment. QR codes for Mead John’s cross-border products were also placed in the store enabling consumers to conveniently place online orders while in the stores. Mead Johnson’s 1,979 offline stores in China also joined the campaign and saw sales reach 25 times that over average daily sales.

The move of consumers online during COVID-19 coupled with the resumption of offline shopping in the epidemic recovery period has made brands’ need to take a multi-channel approach to retail even more of an imperative. JD Super’s omnichannel marketing solutions have helped customers reach out to a larger yet more targeted consumer base to improve the efficiency of marketing programs.