Jul 11, 2023|

JD Logistics to Develop Autonomous Driving Technology Ecosystem for Logistics Industry, Signs Partnership with AutoCore.ai


JD Logistics has announced a partnership with AutoCore.ai, a leading intelligent mobility software and automotive electrical and electronic architecture (EEA) solution provider. Together, the two companies will co-build end-to-end and multi-scenario autonomous driving systems specifically designed for the logistics industry. This partnership marks an important step for JD Logistics in creating a technology ecosystem that brings together automotive parts suppliers and autonomous driving partners.

As a founding member of the Autoware Foundation, the world’s largest open-source community for autonomous driving, AutoCore.ai plays a key role in advancing the field. Through its collaboration with AutoCore.ai, JD Logistics will harness the global R&D prowess that AutoCore.ai brings to the table. This partnership allows JD Logistics to work closely with industry stakeholders, coordinating efforts to establish interconnection specifications and standards for data, algorithms, sensors, applications, computing platforms, tool chains, vehicle-cloud connection, value-added application management, deployment, and more. JD Logistics aims to provide scalable application standards that cater to various logistics scenarios.

“We are thrilled to join forces with JD Logistics, a visionary leader in autonomous driving. Their relentless pursuit of innovation is poised to revolutionize the logistics industry, bringing about significant positive change,” said Dr. Yang Zhang, Chairman of AutoCore.ai and Co-Founder of the Autoware Foundation. “Through this partnership, we are inviting more ecosystem partners to join us in the pursuit of large-scale deployment of autonomous driving solutions.”

JD Logistics has been at the forefront of researching autonomous last-mile delivery vehicles since 2016. The latest Generation Five Autonomous Delivery Vehicle, capable of carrying up to 200 kilograms and travelling up to 100 kilometers per charge, is a testament to this commitment. Supported by advanced R&D team and a rich trove of logistics data, JD Logistics has successfully developed world-leading autonomous driving algorithms specifically designed for low-speed logistics.

Earlier in March, JD Logistics’ self-developed algorithm “MVS-Fusion” accomplished a milestone achievement in the autonomous driving visual algorithms arena. Leveraging purely visual 3D object detection, it reached an exceptional mAP (mean average precision) of 55.54% without the need for future frame data, catapulting JD Logistics to the to the top of the internationally recognized nuScenes leaderboard.

At present, over 600 JD Logistics autonomous vehicles are in operation in 30 cities across China, serving a wide range of environments including compounds, shopping centers, and office buildings. These robots not only offer customers a plethora of flexible delivery options, but they also make it simpler for supermarkets to provide on-demand delivery services. Select vehicles come equipped with an advanced cold and heating storage system for food product offerings, thereby widening the spectrum of goods JD Logistics can deliver to customers’ doorstep. The fleet also includes indoor delivery robots, making their rounds in malls and office buildings in more than 10 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.