Jul 12, 2023|

Rising Demand for Functional Pet Food in China: Insights from JD Pet and Solid Gold Forum


by Vivian Yang

The pet industry in China is undergoing a significant shift as pet owners increasingly seek out functional pet food options. Recently, at the second Pet Nutrition and Health Technology Innovation Forum hosted by JD Pet and Solid Gold Pet in Beijing on July 6th, it was revealed that the search volume for functional pet food keywords on JD.com has skyrocketed. The search volume for functional pet food keywords surged 80 times compared to last year, indicating the rising popularity of pet food with specific functions among Chinese pet owners, including weight management, gut health, and improved coat quality.

Sales Growth of Functional Pet Food on JD Pet

JD Pet’s sales data for the first half of this year indicate significant growth in immune-boosting kitten food, with sales increasing by 297% compared to last year. Probiotic cat food also saw a 200% increase in internal searches on the platform.

Science-based Nutrition Guidelines

During the forum, experts from the Animal Nutrition Branch of the China Animal Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Association emphasized the crucial role of the immune system in overall pet health. They also highlighted the limited knowledge and misconceptions many pet owners have regarding pet food, which can lead to weakened immune systems and health issues for their beloved pets. In response to this challenge, Solid Gold has partnered with JD Pet to release the “Expert Guidelines on Immune Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.” This collaborative effort aims to bridge the information gap and provide professional, science-backed advice on enhancing pet immune health for Chinese consumers.

Success of New Product Launches

Solid Gold and JD Pet jointly launched a new pet food product this year, featuring fresh salmon ingredients and omega for improved fur health. Within just four months, it became one of the top 20 bestselling cat food options on JD.com. Additionally, a nutrient-boost meal topper achieved over 300% growth in transaction volume from March to June.

Enhancing Resources, Users, and Operations

JD Pet announced three integrated strategies during the forum to support brands and merchants in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and driving growth. Initiatives such as flash sales, live-streaming events, and curated collections are being implemented to provide an engaging shopping experience for pet owners. JD Pet also leverages its pet users’ membership system to offer personalized shopping experiences and enhance brand-customer engagement.

JD Pet’s Vision to Omni-channel

Lu Liu, the head of JD Pet, emphasized the company’s commitment to leading industry trends and promoting high-quality growth. JD Pet has implemented plans to introduce trendy products, support trending brands, and expand into popular channels. By providing comprehensive online and offline channel solutions, JD Pet aims to help pet brands thrive in the dynamic Chinese market.