Jul 28, 2020|

JD Logistics Won Next-Gen Infrastructure Awards from Leading Institutions


by Ling Cao

JD Logistics won two Next-Gen Infrastructure awards last week from the China Industrial Cooperation Association, the Institute of Internet Industry of Tsinghua University, and INFOSWS.CN, China’s leading B2B software selection platform. These awards are normally presented to those who create new technologies in fields such as 5G, AI, big data, and industrial IoT. The two awards are: Leader in the Application of Next-gen Infrastructure and Industrial Innovation, and Outstanding Products in the field of Next-gen Infrastructure and Industrial Innovation.

Next-gen Infrastructure and Industrial Innovation letter

The panel of judges pointed out that JD built China’s first 5G powered smart logistics park in Beijing, leveraging the 5G network and technologies such as AI, IoT, autonomous driving, and robotics. These were integrated into the smart logistics park and put it into use, which had effectively improved the efficiency and productivity of the park.

Since the beginning of this year, JD Logistics has included technology-driven strategy as the driving force behind its core strategy, all powered by 5G. Such smart supply chain and logistics solutions will benefit every customer.