Jul 28, 2020|

The “She-Economy” is Growing on JD Worldwide


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, recently released the Trends in Female Buyers of Imported Products Report. The report shows that the “She Economy” is growing on JD Worldwide. Both the number of female customers and their disposable income are increasing.

Data from JD Worldwide in the first half of 2020 show that the number of female customers on the platform increased over 50%, and sales generated by female customers increased over 70%. The number of female customers from fourth to sixth tier cities are also increasing rapidly. Data show that female customers from 25 to 39 years old are primary consumers of imported products, while the number of female customers over 60 increased over 65% y-o-y. More than 72% of female customers are highly educated and have high-incomes.

When it comes to brands and products, the top 5 categories that female customers shop for are infant milk powder, dairy products, face masks, beef, and health supplements. Female customers of popular brands such as Estee Lauder and Sulwhasoo are consistently growing on the platform. The number of customers who buy imported sports products such as spinning and golf equipment increased over 200%, compared to male customers at 67%. Searches by female customers for sleep-aid products increased 2.3 times. Pets are becoming important family members for female customers—sales of imported pet products on JD Worldwide increased over 120% y-o-y.

JD Worldwide has introduced over 1,000 new products to the platform, in addition to over 500 new stores on its third-party platform, giving customers a richer array of choices in imported products. JD Worldwide also marked the 15th of each month as Imported Products Day, providing customers with promotions and benefits on imported products.