Jul 9, 2020|

JD Mobile Store Delivers Phone to Gaokao Student in 15 Minutes


by Rachel Liu

On July 7th, the first day of China’s National College Entrance Examination (also known as “Gaokao”), a JD Mobile Store in Tianjin delivered a mobile phone in 15 minutes so that a student could successfully enter the exam room.

Due to COVID-19, many cities require students to show their health code status on mobile phones prior to entering the exam room. Just before entering the exam room, a student found that her mobile phone was broken and could not show the health code. As there was not enough time to go to an offline store to repair the phone or buy a new one, her parents decided to order a phone from a nearby JD Mobile Store online, and called the store to explain the situation, hoping they could get the new phone as soon as possible. After taking the order, JD Mobile Store immediately tracked down the courier and successfully delivered the phone in 15 minutes.

The on-demand delivery service that JD provides through working with JDDJ (JD Daojia), China’s leading local on-demand retail platform, enables customers in over 110 cities in China to receive the products in as fast as one hour. JD customers can shop for products through JDDJ, and brick and mortar stores will deliver the products to customers, providing a better shopping experience.