Apr 14, 2020|

JD & Nankai Tie the Knot and kick off Internet Hospital


by Tracy Yang

JD Health and Tianjin Nankai Hospital jointly launched the “Nankai-JD Internet Hospital” on April 13th.

The partnership is focused on building a new medical service model, integrating online and offline and covering all stages of diagnosis. Services include follow-up visits, health consultation and checkups for patients in Tianjin and across China. Patients in Tianjin with medical insurance can also take advantage of the online service to handle payment for consultation and medicine.

The Nankai-JD Internet Hospital is fully integrated with JD Health’s online consultation platform. Patients can conveniently receive integrated online and offline medical service on both platforms, the first of its kind in China. In addition to consultation and medicine purchasing, patients can also enjoy additional unique services, such as making an appointment for a health examination, Traditional Chinese Medicine, home service and others.

The partnership is mutually beneficial. JD Health’s online consultation platform provides Tianjin Nankai Hospital with a unified and comprehensive one-stop medical service and health care solution, and also strengthens the operational capabilities and product offering for the hospital. JD Health benefits through enhanced medical resources provided by Tianjin Nankai Hospital.

Indeed, the partnership provides 49 doctors from Tianjin Nankai Hospital to join JD Health’s online consultation platform, providing free services during the pandemic. As of April 12th, the platform has provided online consultation services for a total of more than 8.6 million inquiries.