Aug 25, 2020|

Arthur Zheng: JD New Markets Will Realize Mutual Benefit with Partners in Omnichannel


by Ling Cao

“In over four years of operation, JD New Markets has built an open and smart digital infrastructure for industry partners,” Arthur Zheng, president of JD New Markets, the B2B2C platform supplying mom-and-pop stores under, shared at the 2020 China FMCG Conference held in Shanghai on August 24th.

“In the future, we will upgrade our capabilities in omnichannel supply chain and fulfillment, as well as integrated marketing, accelerating growth creation with partners.” He added.

JD New Markets’ service covers over 300 cities, and 32,000 counties and towns in China, as well as over one million small and medium-sized offline stores. In terms of store building and management, JD New Markets is leading the industry.

“Based on JD’s smart supply chain and omnichannel capability, JD New Markets will consistently optimize fulfillment efficiency, providing offline stores with high quality and diverse products, in order to satisfy customers’ different demands,” added Zheng.

In addition to products, JD New Markets can also provide offline stores with more options to connect online and offline scenarios. For example, ordering a product online that is fulfilled offline, enabling customers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. While helping offline stores improve their profitability, JD New Markets also provides services such as free charging for devices and emergency medical kits to enhance the overall quality of service provided by the store. JD New Markets has also leveraged livestream and other creative methods to support partners’ marketing efforts.

“Based on an omnichannel strategy, JD New Markets has helped partners reach more customers with increased precision, so as to realize business growth,” said Zheng.

Zheng concluded, the value of the B2B business model is not just in helping partners distribute products, but more importantly, in creating mutual benefit in omnichannel.