May 10, 2022|

JD Data: Three Seasonal Trends Driven by the “Economics of Beauty”


by Vivian Yang

The Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute of released a report on May 5th titled “Consumption Trends of Spring/Summer Fashion”, which examined the sales data of apparel and beauty products on the platform in March and April and revealed the power of “economics of beauty” in driving market vitality.

Trend 1: Functional Cosmetic and Skincare Products

Facemasks, serums, lipsticks, perfumes and other makeup products have been deemed a basic need by consumers. Sales data in the past two months showed that facemasks, lotion/face cream, facial cleansing, skincare packages/gift boxes and facial essence account for 17.5, 12.4, 10.7, 8.2 and 7.3 percent of the overall sales of beauty products respectively. The fastest-growing products are sunscreen, makeup removers and facemasks with month-over-month growth rates reaching 184, 48 and 43 percent respectively. Hydration, moisturizing and repair are the most needed functions among these categories.


High-end and big-name brands continue to win consumers’ hearts while emerging brands are providing them more price and efficacy choices. Basic products can hardly satisfy users’ needs now. For example, they expect sunscreen products to also be waterproof and moisturizing; and whitening face powders to help control shine and set makeup for long wear.

Trend 2: Comfortable Men’s Wear and Stylish Women’s Wear

Data from the report showed that men’s Polo shirts, short pants, T-shirts, sports suits, and clothes for middle-aged and senior men increased 680, 506, 359 , 191, and 189 percent month over month respectively. For women’s wear, T-shirts, designers’/trending brands, chiffon blouses, Qun Kua (a traditional Chinese wedding costume “秀禾服”) and short pants have grown by 502, 279, 276, 245, and 242 percent month over month.

Meanwhile, clothing accessories that help show personality are favored among Chinese consumers, such as the sales of fisherman’s hats, stylish belts, sun hats, decorative glasses and sunglasses increased 695, 471, 428, 308 and 270 percent respectively.

Trend 3: Healthiness Nourishes Beauty from Within

In the category of daily healthcare products, razors, electric toothbrushes, massagers and hair dryers are the top-selling products, accounting for 18.4, 15.7, 13.8 and 12.0 percent of sales respectively. Blackhead removers, water flossers, massagers, massage chairs and electric razors are the fastest growing products, with growth rates of 84, 56 , 54, 51 and 49 percent.

In terms of the shopping preferences among different age groups of people on beauty-related products, the report pointed out that people aged between 16 to 25 showed the strongest interest in face-oriented beauty products, while the age group between 26 to 35 paid more attention on their personal health as they enter into family life, and people aged 46 and above prefer to spend more on quality clothing with comfortable designs.