Mar 8, 2019|

‘JD Plus’ Premium Program Now Includes Zhihu Membership

Share:’s pioneering premium membership program, JD Plus, which already includes a rich range of exclusive promotions and benefits that go beyond shopping, now includes more reasons to join. Starting March 8, JD Plus members will also receive premium subscriptions to Zhihu, China’s leading Q+A platform, as well as free access to thousands of online books via Zhihu membership.

Often cited as China’s equivalent to Quora, Zhihu ( “do you know?” in Chinese) has more than 220 million mostly young and well-educated users. Chinese internet users increasingly turn to Zhihu for insight and expert knowledge on various topics.

As part of this new tie-in, Zhihu members will also gain access to the full range of JD Plus benefits, joining more than 10 million JD Plus members who get premium services such as faster accumulation of “JingDou” loyalty points for product purchases on JD, exclusive discounts on purchases and shipping, 24-hour premium customer service, and other premium features they can use both online and offline.

Chinese consumers increasingly value the advantages of premium paid membership programs. was the first Chinese e-commerce company to introduce an exclusive paid membership service three years ago. Since then, the company has continued adding new features for its JD Plus members, including benefits beyond its own platform.

The partnership with Zhihu gives new JD Plus members free access to over 10,000 e-books, 600 audiobooks and Zhihu “Live” – real-time interactive Q+A sessions. Existing JD Plus members also have the opportunity to receive Zhihu benefits immediately via an in-app game. Others will begin receiving the new benefits without extra charge once their memberships renew.

“Over the past three years, millions of Chinese consumers have joined JD Plus to enjoy special discounts, exclusive members-only prices and coupons, among many other benefits,” said Chunhui Meng, head of JD Plus at “By teaming up with industry leaders such as Zhihu, JD Plus is making strong progress in building the best cross-industry premium benefits program available to Chinese users. JD Plus’ emphasis on high quality benefits and services makes it a natural fit for Zhihu Reading Club’s members.”

“Since Zhihu launched its membership program last year, we have continued enhancing our premium offering through innovative partnerships,” said Rongle Zhang, Vice President of Zhihu. “As China’s largest retailer, renowned for its commitment to premium goods and quality customer service, JD is an ideal partner for Zhihu. The exclusive member privileges provided by JD Plus will be much appreciated by our insightful Zhihu members.”

The Zhihu partnership is the latest example of how JD partners with others to enhance the JD Plus program. JD Plus members already get benefits including complimentary VIP membership on China’s leading online streaming video platform iQIYI, bundled memberships with Walmart’s Sam’s Club, complimentary use of airport VIP lounges, as well as restaurant and food coupons, entertainment services, travel booking, wealth management products and more.