Oct 19, 2020|

JD Presents “Internet + Healthcare” at International Medical Equipment Fair


by Hui Zhang

JD Health is participating in the 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) from October 19-22 in Shanghai to showcase a wide range of medical devices including exclusive and customized products.

In cooperation with its medical device partners, JD Health set up three exhibition areas to display devices for blood glucose management, oxygen monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and more. Additionally, JD Health set up an area highlighting a donation from JD Health and its medical device partners to people in need in Hubei province during the pandemic.

JD Health has built strong partnerships with various Chinese medical device brands. Since setting up a cooperation agreement with JD in 2012, Yuwell, a medical equipment and supply company, has maintained rapid growth, ranking first in the category of medical devices in the second half of 2016 on JD. In 2018, the annual sales of Yuwell exceeded RMB 800 million yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of over 100% since it started working with JD. In addition to marketing cooperation, JD and Yuwell co-developed medical equipment based on JD’s big data and consumers’ feedback. In 2019, Yuwell released a number of new C2M products including blood pressure monitors and oxygen generators, and launched the new products on JD exclusively. Many of these C2M products have become best-sellers on JD.

JD Health has also shared market insights with its partner Abbott, assisting with promotion both within and outside JD’s app to help the company quickly reach annual sales of more than RMB 100 million yuan.

During the pandemic, medical mask supplier 3Q has been able to consistently supply high-quality and affordable medical masks through JD, thanks to JD’s supply chain—with the PV of a single product exceeding 100 million on the first day of pre-ordering since Feb. 14th.