May 25, 2021|

JD Private Label Brands Kick off 618 Grand Promotion


by Ling Cao

JD’s private label brands including J.Zao, Hommy, LATIT, Huixun and others kicked off this year’s 618 Grand Promotion with a big promotion day on May 24, providing cost-effective and new products to customers, as well as discounts, flash sales, livestream and more entertainment solutions.

Products offered by JD’s private label brands during the promotion day covered a wide range of categories and price points, from a tissue roll costing only RMB 0.5 yuan to a smart appliance worth RMB 1,000 yuan, from pet food, computer and digital products to cosmetics and home décor.

During 618, JD released a new private label brand Jing Meng, which focuses on pet products. For example, it designed a mobile carrying case for pets featuring a fresh air circulation system, providing pets with a more comfortable environment while traveling. Jing Meng also designed different flavors of nutritious cats’ snacks, making the food more delicious and healthy for cats.

A representative from Jing Meng said, “We focus on pets’ experience first in designing these products. We think this innovation and method is a key factor to expand the market penetration.”

JD’s private label brands also worked with home appliance departments on Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) products, such as electric kettles and hair dryers. Customers can access these products from JD’s online stores, SEVEN FRESH and home appliance experience stores. These products have been popular among customers since their release.