Nov 15, 2018| Recognized for Cloud Native Open Source Technology Usage with CNCF Top End User Award, China’s largest retailer, has been presented with the Top End User Award by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for its unique usage of and contribution to cloud native open source projects. CNCF is the largest open source community dedicated to Kubernetes and cloud native software stacks and technologies. The award was announced at China’s first KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conference, which gathered thousands of technologists and end users in Shanghai from November 13-15 to discuss the future of open source technology development.

Providing the ultimate e-commerce experience to customers requires JD to house and process enormous amount of information that must be accessible at incredibly fast speeds. To put it in perspective, five years ago there were only about two billion images in JD’s product databases for customers. Today, there are more than one trillion, and that figure increases by 100 million images each day. This is why JD turned to CNCF’s Kubernetes project in recent years to accommodate its clusters.

JD currently runs the world’s largest Kubernetes cluster in production. The company first rolled out its containerized infrastructure a few years ago and, as the clusters grew, JD was one of the early adopters to shift to Kubernetes. The move, known as JDOS 2.0, marked the beginning of JD’s partnership with CNCF to build stronger collaborative relationships with the industry’s top developers, end users, and vendors. Ultimately, CNCF provided a window for JD to both contribute to and benefit from open source development.

In April, JD became the CNCF’s first platinum end user member, and took a seat on the organization’s governance board in order to help shape the direction of future Foundation initiatives. JD’s overall commitment to open source is highly aligned with its broader Retail as a Service strategy in which the company is empowering other retailers, partners, and industries with a broad range of capabilities in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a higher level of customer service.

JD’s Kubernetes clusters support a wide range of workloads and big data and AI-based applications. The platform has boosted collaboration and enhanced productivity by reducing silos between operations and DevOps teams. As a result, JD has contributed code to projects such as Vitess, Prometheus, Kubernetes, CNI (Container Networking Interface), and Helm as part of its collaboration with CNCF.

“One contribution that we are very proud of is Vitess, the CNCF project for scalable MySQL cluster management,” said Haifeng Liu, Chief Architect of “We are not only the largest end user of Vitess, but also a very active and significant contributor. We’re looking forward to working together with CNCF and its members to pave the way for future development of open source technology.”

Vitess allows JD to manage resources much more flexibly and efficiently, reducing operational and maintenance costs, and JD has one of the world’s most complex Vitess deployments. The company is actively collaborating with the CNCF community to add new features such as subquery support and global transactions, setting industry benchmarks.

“JD spearheads the use of cloud native technologies at scale within the APAC market, and is responsible for one of the largest Kubernetes deployments in the world,” said Chris Aniszczyk, COO of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “The company also makes significant contributions to CNCF projects and its involvement in the community made JD a natural fit for this award.”

JD will continue to work on contributions to cloud native technologies as well as release its own internal and homegrown open source projects to empower others in the community.