Apr 15, 2022|

JD Report: Working Mothers’ Parenting and Consumption Preferences


by Doris Liu

Working mothers in China spend 81 percent of their leisure time and 45 percent of their money on parenting, with 67 percent of this group experiencing anxiety about early education, a recent report shows.

The “2022 Working Mothers’ Parenting Survey Report” was jointly released by JD Super, JD.com’s online supermarket, JD Insight, JD’s market survey platform, and Hong Kong-listed China Parenting Network, aiming to reveal the circumstances and consumption preferences of working mothers.

According to the report, the major challenge for working mothers is to balance work and family responsibilities. Thirty-seven percent of working mothers choose to take care of their children without outside help, and 58 percent have asked grandparents for help. Notably 71 percent of working mothers born after 1990 believe they can balance work and parenting responsibilities without stress.

However, most working mothers do not find their significant others to be supportive enough in parenting, as indicated by the data, with only 35 percent of them saying that their spouses fully take on their share of childcare responsibilities.

The report says working mothers also show concerns when it comes to shopping for children’s products online. Sixty-two percent of mothers express hesitation in terms of choosing brands, and 56 percent don’t know how to choose milk powder brands due to lack of professional knowledge. About half of them think the price of children’s products are high in general, with 43 percent spending more than RMB 2,000 yuan of childcare expenses every month. They also feel that it is not easy to return and get refunded for quality issues.

JD Super, in order to maintain a better user experience, has launched dozens of services to ensure the traceability of infant-milk formulas, meanwhile providing the options of changing diaper size and replacing baby electronics instead of repairing, etc.

For instance, every parent is careful when it comes to the choice of baby’s food. When buying food products with JD’s “quality traceable” label, customers can scan the QR code to understand the information through all steps in the supply chain. Products with the label of “Taste Without Worries” means that customers can get a refund within 30 days of delivery if the baby develops allergies or diarrhea after eating the baby food.

JD Super also offers an option to apply for compensation for the price difference within the price guarantee rules, protecting consumers from price reductions within 30 days of delivery.

JD Super will continue to improve the consumption experience and help more parents to reduce the complexity of choosing children’s products by providing authentic and high-quality baby food, toys, electronics and so on.