Nov 26, 2020|

JD Reserves Exclusive Service Zones for Elderly People in Its Offline Stores


by Yuchuan Wang

JD has set up exclusive service zones to ease the shopping experience for the elderly in its nationwide offline stores including JD Home Appliance stores, JD Computer and Digital stores, JD Pharmacy, Seven Fresh, JD Convenience stores and more.

Technology is making people’s lives even more convenient and comfortable. “But for most elderly people, they may have been isolated from many life scenarios due to the difficulties of using intelligent technology,” said Jun Liu, head of JD Home Appliance stores. “In order to give the elderly equal rights to enjoy the convenience brought by technology and smart devices, JD is launching exclusive service zones in offline stores.”

JD is launching exclusive service zones in offline stores.

JD’s staff will facilitate and educate elderly people with shopping procedures and usage of smart products, such as providing help in using digital products and home appliances, data downloads, digital payments, online ordering and more. In JD Pharmacy, staff will also provide detailed knowledge of medicines, and help the elderly navigate using the app to buy medicine and consult doctors online.