May 27, 2020|

JD Retail Combines Kuaishou’s 300m Daily Active Users and Its Leading Livestreaming Platform


by Yuchuan Wang and Ella Kidron

On May 27th, JD Retail, the retail business of, announced a strategic partnership with Kuaishou Technology, China’s leading video sharing and livestreaming platform, to develop a short video e-commerce livestreaming ecosystem. While “Kuaishou” means “fast hand”, this partnership will see a deep collaboration on Kuaishou Xiaodian dubbed “little shops” in terms of supply chain, brand marketing and data capabilities.

JD Retail, the retail business of, announced a strategic partnership with Kuaishou Technology
Su Hua, Founder and CEO of Kuaishou, Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail attend the signing ceremony

According to the agreement, JD will provide selected products to Kuaishou’s little shops and the two parties will build a product pool together. Kuaishou users will be able to purchase JD’s first party products without leaving the Kuaishou app, and enjoy fast delivery and after-sales service provided by JD.

The partnership will kick off during JD’s 17th Anniversary Grand Promotion (“618”) and Kuaishou’s June 16th Shopping Festival. From June 16th to 18th, products from JD’s first party business will be available for to a portion of Kuaishou’s livestreaming KOLs.

At the same time, JD Retail and Kuaishou will collaborate to strengthen brand marketing capabilities. Kuaishou’s anchors will do livestreaming and short video marketing, and JD will provide joint marketing capabilities and fulfillment services, to enhance the core competitiveness of both brands. The two parties will also explore precision marketing based on JD’s insights on customer shopping behavior and Kuaishou’s understanding of short video and e-commerce livestreaming.

“The retail industry is facing the opportunities and challenges of more and more diversified consumer demand and consumption scenarios. JD Retail has China’s leading retail supply chain, and is trusted by hundreds of millions of customers because of its quality product offerings and services. It is committed to driving the transformation of the retail industry through opening up its own capabilities. Kuaishou is a short video social platform loved by hundreds of millions of users. The partnership between JD Retail and Kuaishou will provide Chinese consumers with a high-quality experience in richer shopping scenarios,” said Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail.

“Since the beginning of this year, short video livestreaming in e-commerce has been developing rapidly. As a short video live broadcast platform with more than 300 million daily active users, Kuaishou is the earliest explorer and leader in the e-commerce livestreaming industry with leading advantages in the number of users and the creation of new scenarios. JD Retail is a high-quality e-commerce platform with an industry-leading supply chain. This collaboration will bring an even more high-quality shopping experience to Kuaishou’s users,” said Su Hua, CEO of Kuaishou.

As early as June 2019, Kuaishou announced that users can view JD products in the Kuaishou app and be redirected to the JD app to make a purchase. The latest cooperation is an upgrade and will supplement and advance Kuaishou in terms of product offering, and is also in line with Kuaishou’s goal to expand its boundaries to brands and high-quality goods. JD will gain in terms of being able to reach new users and push into new scenarios in the emerging e-commerce livestreaming market.