May 26, 2020|

JD Worldwide Recruits Korean Brands Online


by Rachel Liu

On May 20th, JD Worldwide,’s platform for imported products, held its first-of-the-year online business development conference with the Korean International Trade Association (KITA) to recruit Korean brands.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, many overseas brands have met difficulties in entering the Chinese market. The online conference provides a new channel for Korean brands to get to know the platform and the services of JD Worldwide. Over 250 Korean brands joined this online event.

The conference introduced the process and policies required for launching on JD Worldwide, and the international logistics service provided by JD Logistics. Since the epidemic, JD Worldwide has maintained close connection with KITA and joined several of its online dialogues with Korean brands to help them enter the Chinese market. So far, JEJUON, Peach and, 2ndesign and I’M Sorry For My Skin have showed interest and are under discussion with JD Worldwide.

The conference introduced the process and policies required for launching on JD Worldwide,


Since the beginning of 2020, JD Worldwide has initiated cooperation with Korean brands including AKPLAZA, ONNURI, FGBeauty, LENSME, ROMANTICCROWN, Maeil, O-LENS, the saem, CLIO and others. JD Worldwide can not only recommend high-quality operators to help brands accelerate the process of coming on board, but also provide support on store operations and marketing to help brands improve their performance.

JM Solution, the Korean beauty brand, has successfully increased exposure in the Chinese market through working with JD Worldwide. Since JM Solution joined JD in October 2018, the brand has accumulated over 1 million customers and sold 2.5 million boxes of facial masks. In Q1 2020, sales of the brand increased 83% y-o-y. With JD’s analysis on customer’s shopping habits and preferences, JM Solution provided a customized gift box exclusively for JD customers. The brand also debuted its new sleep mask on JD Worldwide, using livestreaming to attract customers. Ninety days following the product launch, sales on JD accounted for 93% of the total sales on all channels. During the 2019 Singles Day Sales Festival, through online and offline marketing activities, JD Worldwide helped JM Solution increase sales by 85% y-o-y. JD Worldwide can also provide training to partners on platform operations and use of JD’s marketing resources and advertisements.

On March 20th, 2020, JD Worldwide held an online conference for merchants and announced that will help international brands turn over 1,000 new products into hot selling products this year, and nurture over 3,000 new international brands on the platform. JD Worldwide has also launched the English version of its business development website. Any international brand interested in building their business with JD in China can apply via or by emailing