May 26, 2021|

JD Rings in 618 Promotion Season with Pre-Sales


by Ella Kidron

The pre-sales period for JD’s 618 Grand Promotion began on May 24 at midnight. The pre-sales provide consumers with more time to think over their purchases without having to worry about missing key deals if they don’t place orders by a certain time on a specific day. It also helps merchants better plan their inventory by having early insight into consumer needs.

This year’s sale involves JD’s own platform, external partner platforms as well as full omni-channel integration. JD has mobilized over 3 million offline stores including SEVEN FRESH, JD Home, JD Convenience Store, JD E-SPACE, JD Auto Shop, as well as small-and-mid-sized pharmacies, other convenience stores, fresh flower shops and auto repair shops nationwide, promising to give consumers the opportunity to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it.

Chenkai Ling, vice president of and head of strategy at JD Retail explained that with deeper insights, more potential consumer demands are being discovered. Through precision, JD is helping more goods became hit products. For example, JD and its ecosystem partners will support the closed loop from raising farmers’ incomes to helping make consumers’ tables healthier and tastier.

JD has rolled out a slew of different services and privileges this season. Ninety-percent of products designated by the platform as hot-sellers can enjoy price protection. There are other services too, such as a 24-month interest-free loan for home appliance purchases.

The company is also making it possible for consumers to buy new products during the pre-sales period, rather than having to wait until the official sales period. Some popular items include the Huawei Smart Screen SE Series, the Honor MagicBook X 2012 Laptop, the Redmi Note 10 series, Lancôme Hello Kitty limited edition powder and more.

With its multitude of offerings, JD will help over 120,000 small and medium-sized merchants double their transaction volume growth and over 230 brands achieve over RMB 100 million yuan in orders placed.

Jun. 1-15 will be designated sales days for specific categories or business areas such as for fashion and lifestyle, supermarket, phones and home appliances. JD will also hold PLUS DAY on Jun. 8 to reward its JD PLUS members. The peak sales period is from Jun. 16-18, followed by two final days to wrap up 618 Grand Promotion shopping from Jun.19-20.