May 26, 2021| Brings ‘Household + Home Appliance’ Business Model to Lower-tier Markets


by Hui Zhang announced on May 20th that it will further improve its home improvement services from design, furniture and renovation to home appliances by bringing 300,000 related home decoration products to over 1,600 JD Home Appliance stores in lower-tier cities across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China.

It’s a further step since May last year when JD introduced 10,000 home improvement related products from 50 different categories, including kitchen and bathroom, lighting, intelligent door locks, and mattresses, to JD Home Appliance stores in lower-tier cities across China, aiming to provide consumers in fourth- to sixth-tier cities with high-quality products and consumer experiences on par with those enjoyed by customers in first-tier cities.

Well-known home improvement brands, such as Supor, AUPU and Philips, will offer products from about 300 categories at JD Home Appliance stores ahead of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion to prepare for increased consumer enthusiasm during the annual promotion.

“We aim to join hands with more home brand partners to upgrade our services from cooperative sales in the past to the creation of one-stop home improvement services for consumers,” said Chao He, general manager of JD household business, JD Home and Lifestyle.

The innovative “Household + Home Appliance” business model has been widely welcomed by Chinese consumers, as reported by JD’s data. In 2020, sales of related products have increased by 167% YOY. During the May Day Holiday from May 1-3 this year, sales of the new JD Home Appliance store in Panzhihua, Sichuan province, which sells both household and home appliances, accounted for almost one third of the total sales of a single JD Home Appliance store in 2019.

Meanwhile, JD’s traceable services for logistics of large household products, and policies including 3-year warranty, 30-day no-reason return, and 30-day price guarantee, will bring peace of mind to JD shoppers.


(Banner photo: Chao He, general manager of JD household business, JD Home and Lifestyle)