Nov 4, 2020|

JD Sees Purchasing Surge by Enterprise Clients during Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Ling Cao

On November 2nd, JD saw newly registered enterprise clients surge, increasing 770% YOY on the day, according to company data.

While enterprise clients are traditionally not active participants in the Singles Day Grand Promotion, their enthusiasm is highly visible this year. Top categories for purchases include industrial products, fresh produce, healthcare, office products, home appliance and consumer goods, all of which saw sales increase over 100% YOY. Industrial products hit an over 388% YOY growth rate.

One customer, Ms. Wang said, “The sales promotion made me achieve my procurement profit margin for this year.”

JD has also announced the creation of a business application-oriented brand alliance with leading brands such as Lenovo, Midea and Canon. Under the agreement, the companies will provide B2M (Business-to-Manufacturer) procurement services, and help enterprise brands achieve digitalization. Data showed that business use product sales increased over 400% YOY on Nov. 2nd.

The promotion is attracting many new business customers, with first-time enterprise clients increasing 409% YOY. During the promotion period, JD is providing subsides and resources to SMEs, helping them save costs when the epidemic has been gradually faded.

Chunzheng Song, president of JD Business said, “As China’s largest intelligent and integrated procurement platform, JD Business aims to integrate its resources and achieve synergy with industries, providing corp  orate clients with a more valuable service, helping contribute to the economic recovery.”