Mar 22, 2021|

JD Sets Warehouse at Origin to Promote Citrus Sales


by Hui Zhang

JD’s First Citrus Shopping Festival kicked off on Mar. 13 with sales of the citrus category increasing by 172% YOY, and the number of consumers increasing 126% YOY during the three-day event.

Behind the robust sales is JD’s continuous deep participation in the whole industrial chain process, such as sorting, packaging, and offering sales channels by establishing warehouses at the origin to ensure quality, reduce processing costs and provide job opportunities to local farmers.

JD’s First Citrus Shopping Festival kicked off


Compared with traditional warehouses, the warehouse at origin combined with processing and sorting functions will shorten the supply chain to further reduce the loss of fresh fruits and lower down the fruit purchasing costs for JD and other merchants. For local farmers, the warehouse at origin will ensure a stable sales channel and create new job opportunities as well.

In addition, the warehouse at origin with high-quality control in the fruit category will also set a standard for the whole industry.

“JD will continue to deepen its cooperation with the government and farmers by integrating its advantages of supply chain, logistics, talent, and traffic to make it sustainable for local fruit products going to cities,” said Hong Yan, general manager of the fruit category of JD Fresh.

For brand building, JD Fresh will take advantage of local governments’ resources to create landmark agriculture brands, provide e-commerce training to local farmers and make full use of livestreaming to help increase income for local enterprises and farmers.