Mar 24, 2021|

Panasonic Unveils New Bathroom Products Set on JD


by Hui Zhang

Panasonic, a major Japanese multinational electronics company offering a wide range of products and services, debuted its two new bathroom product sets on JD on Mar. 24. JD is the first e-commerce platform to launch the two products in China.

Along with the two new products, a 72-hour rapid renovation and installation solution provided by Panasonic was also announced at an offline press conference held in Beijing on the same day.

The two new bathroom product sets are designed for families who value quality products with reasonable prices. In addition to toilets, washing basins, and shower apparatuses, other building materials such as waterproof chassis, wall panels and top panels, are pre-produced by factories. Once an order is placed online, all products will be delivered to consumers’ home as quickly as possible, which will further shorten the renovation time.

JD is the first e-commerce platform to launch the two products in China.

Taking advantage of Panasonic’s mature production and renovation capabilities, the rapid renovation and installment solution makes it possible for consumers to completely overhaul their bathrooms in only 72 hours. Experienced designers will arrive and customers’ doors for measurement and design within 24 hours, provide 3D design of the bathroom within another 24 hours, and complete the whole process of delivery, assembly and installation service within the final 24 hours. Consumers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Suzhou will be the first to enjoy the service.

“Through long-term close cooperation with JD, we deeply understand the needs of Chinese families for intelligent living and bathroom space,” said Tetsuro Honma, president of Panasonic China /Northeast Asia.

“Panasonic hopes to integrate its leading bathroom products and services, as well as Japan’s advanced experience in age-friendly renovation into an optimal overall solution to Chinese consumers.”

Since its entry into JD in 2014, Panasonic has become one of the most popular brands among JD’s consumers. According to JD’s data, sales of Panasonic ranked top among brands in the toilet category on JD during the Single’s Day Grand Promotion (from Nov. 1-11) in 2020.

“JD will make full use of its supply chain, services, and fulfillment capabilities to continuously offer proper home renovation solutions to JD’s consumers. It will only take a week at the most for JD’s consumers to obtain an ideal home renovation in the future,” said Chao He, general manager of JD Home and Lifestyle business.