Oct 21, 2020|

JD Super Boosts Development of Tea Industry


by Rachel Liu

JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, has formed a tea industry alliance with the local government of Anxi, Fujian province and leading tea brand Bamatea (八马茶业). Anxi is the origin place of Tieguanyin tea, one of the most popular teas in China. Through this partnership, JD will leverage its big data platform to provide digital support for the transformation of the local tea industry. The three sides will also work together to build higher standards and a better environment for the tea industry.

Bamatea will leverage JD’s omnichannel ability by working with JD Daojia, SEVENFRESH, Yihaodian to achieve one-hour delivery in first to fourth tier cities, providing on demand service for customers.

JD Super will provide Bamatea with digitalized solutions and insights on customer profiles and shopping habits, in order to help the firm improve its service and products. In the next five years, Bamatea and JD will also co-build smart warehouses in mid-China to serve thousands of the tea brand’s offline stores.

“Tea is a very important category for JD Super, and it’s an important part of Chinese traditional culture,” said Xiaojun Wang, head of packaged food at JD Super. “As the leading supermarket in China both online and offline, we want to work more closely with our partners to achieve better growth. I believe under the partnership with Bamatea and Anxi government, the sales of Tieguanyin tea on JD will see another round of growth, and we can bring more tasty and healthy tea to our customers.”

JD Super and Bamatea have been partners since 2012. As of 2019, annual sales of Bamatea on JD Super have increased by 60 times. As of September 2020, customers who have become Bamatea’s members on JD have reached 1.05 million. JD Super is one of the fastest growing channels for Bamatea.