Oct 21, 2020|

Nielsen: JD is Consumers’ First Choice for 3C Products In Singles Day Promotion


by Robin Luo

Based on projections by the data analysis firm Nielsen, JD is expected to be the first choice of consumers buying 3C products (mostly computer, consumer electronics, and communication products) in this year’s Singles Day promotion.

As the annual shopping festival nears, consumers are starting to plan what they want to buy. 3C products are among their top choices. The Nielsen report reveals that although the 3C product market has taken a hit from the pandemic in 2020 H1, there are signs of a gradual recovery since the second quarter.

Home electrics won the favor of more consumers on JD, gaining a 28.9% year-on-year increase in market share.

Why is JD standing out in the crowded 3C products market? The reason is its firm and lasting commitment in promoting better, more innovative services to consumers, analysts said. Additionally, contributing factors to JD’s success in this area are the integration of an omnichannel retail ecosystem, acceleration of digital processes and pushing forward the sinking market strategy, which is a shift toward lower tier markets.  

The report also shows that consumers have now raised their standards for a pleasant buying experience. Besides the basic elements of brand and quality, they also focus on the service they get. To some extent, service has become a new core value of e-commerce.

In 2020, JD has remained in close cooperation with 3C makers, and built a service system that covers the entire sales process. The shopping experience of consumers has been greatly boosted with new features such as one-hour delivery, 30-day insurance, 30-day easy refund and more. These measures have helped JD remain a top choice of consumers in the 3C category, resulting in a leading share of the market.