Sep 8, 2020|

Hainan Farmers Sold 10 Tons of Fish in Two Days with JD Fresh


by Ling Cao

Yongjun Tian, a local fisherman in Hainan, and other local fisherman, sold nearly 10 tons of products in just two days through JD Fresh during fishing season, which began early this month.

After Tian found about JD Fresh’s plan to help sell local fishermen’s products, he organized surrounding fishermen to speak with JD. Through a partnership with Xiangtai, one of Hainan’s leading aquatic products enterprises, JD Fresh purchased the local fishermen’s products and supported the sales with marketing resources. The fishermen sales have increased 180% y-o-y.

“I faced major financial problems. My fish were stuck in the pond, but it was hard to sell them on our own or to merchants,” Tian said, highlighting the challenges he and other local fishermen faced under COVID-19.

Tian, who is from Zhejiang province, came to Hainan to pursue his aquatic business since 2006. Hainan is a major province for tilapia aquaculture in China. There are around 140,000 personnel working in related industries. Over 90% of tilapia and related products are exported. Prior to the epidemic, Tian’s annual revenue could reach RMB 200,000 yuan. Due to COVID-19, however, Tian’s export orders from Europe, North America and Middle East went down sharply.

With JD’s help, more merchants have purchased fish from Tian and other farmers. “JD will also help do nucleic acid testing, ensuring the safety of the products,” Tian emphasized.