Dec 23, 2020|

JD Super Releases Consumer Insights on Imported Liquors


by Rachel Liu

The main consumer group for imported liquor in Chinese market are Millennials, married male customers, and customers living in second tier cities. This was part of the findings of The 2021 JD White Paper on Imported Liquors released at the JD & Xiamen Free Trade Zone Global Imported Liquor Carnival on Dec 19.

Generation Z, unmarried female customers are g quickly. Generation Z customers are fond of trying new products. In the past 12 months, liqueur, sake, and fruit wine have been very popular. Female consumers tend to prefer cocktail products, fruit wine, rum and sake. Young customers from lower tier cities prefer imported liquor with low alcohol content.

Imported liquors are not just for consumption, but also for collection. Many customers are buying limited editions and smaller size products for this purpose. When it comes to gifting, brandy, whiskey and cocktail ingredients are the most popular choices.

JD Super also announced a partnership with Grandgle International Spirits and Wine, a leading Chinese company for wine imports. JD Super will support Grandgle on customized products, omnichannel marketing, customer operations and digitalized transformation of the brand. JD will become the first and exclusive sales platform for the Irish Whiskey brand Dubliner, which is targeted at young consumers.

To improve the shopping experience, Grandgle will work with JD’s offline stores to better understand related trends through JD’s big data.