Dec 23, 2020|

JD Cloud & AI Listed as One of China’s Most Influential Technology Brands


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Cloud & AI is on the list of “2020 China Influential Technology Brands”. This list was released by SegmentFault, a leading technology community for developers in China, on December 22nd.

Based on the database of 6 million developers in SegmentFault’s community

Based on the database of 6 million developers in SegmentFault’s community and comprehensive industry indicators, the “2020 China Influential Technology Brands” list aims to promote the technological pioneers in China and promote their brand awareness.

As the core of’s technology services, JD Cloud & AI provides smart digital solutions based on technologies including AI, cloud computing, IoT, big data and more. In 2020, JD Cloud & AI helped 100,000 clients go digital.

“What we are most certain of is that the industrial transformation will be promoted through emerging technologies, such as AI and cloud computing,” said Dr. Bowen Zhou, Chair of JD Technology Committee, during this year’s JD Discovery,’s annual tech event held in November. “By 2030, all companies worldwide will have been transformed into technology companies.”

JD Cloud & AI also launched its own community which continuously contributes valuable technological content for developers in China. The community offers over 100 technology courses annually and holds tech open classes each month. In addition, JD Cloud & AI regularly holds AI and cloud computing contests for developers and opens up its data set for AI trainings.