Mar 26, 2021|

JD Title-Sponsors Suqian Marathon in Jiangsu


by Yuchuan Wang

The title-sponsored Suqian Marathon will be held on Mar. 28 in Suqian, Jiangsu province, and is expected to welcome 10,000 Marathoners from all over China. Leveraging its strengths in technology, retail and logistics, JD will provide the event with a registration system, logistics service and e-commerce support.

It will be the first time a marathon race is held in the historical city of Suqian, which is the hometown of Xiang Yu (230-202 BC), the Hegemon King of the ancient state of Western Chu during the Chu-Han Contention period (206-202 BC).

As a city program, marathon races often do not have a unified registration process, so in the past applicants have needed to switch between different registration websites. To give runners a hassle-free experience, JD has tailor-made an online registration solution for the Suqian Marathon. Applicants can use the JD app to complete the whole processes from registration to payment, to purchasing sports products and even booking hotels.

“We’ve achieved partnerships with dozens of marathon races in China who will use our registration solution for their 2021 races, including the Wuxi and Taiyuan Marathon, and many others,” said Xiufeng Lu from JD Sports.

In addition, JD Logistics will provide free storage for runners in Suqian. Thirty-two 4.2 meter-long JD container trucks will operate along the race. Runners can put their belongings in JD’s trucks at the starting point and retrieve them at the destination.

Running is becoming a new lifestyle, sometimes a fashion, for many Chinese people. Statistics show that before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 1,828 marathon races held in 2019 in China, with over 7 million participants.

The second weekend of April 2021 will see the first super weekend for marathoners, with approximately 20 races to be held across China. JD’s data shows that sales of running shoes and trunks increased 152% and 135% respectively in March 2021 compared with the previous month.