Sep 29, 2020|

JD to Auction Memorabilia from Anti-COVID Fight for Charity


by Vivian Yang

JD will hold a charity auction online during the Mid-Autumn Festival to memorialize inspiring people and moments in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Since September 17th, JD Auction has collected a number of items from the public. All of the funds raised in the action will be used for the protection of children from sexual assaults.

Here are some of the items up for grabs:

Album of Photos from Fight Against COVID-19

The album contains an array of photos taken by Wujun Zhang, a photographer from People’s Daily. Zhang was among the first of journalists to arrive at the epicenter of the pandemic. In the 88 days he was in Wuhan, Zhang recorded many firsthand experiences and touching moments, which are not only precious memories for the people he photographed, but also convey confidence and love to many more people whose hearts are with them at all times. For example:

Patients and medical workers stand hand in hand to celebrate the closure of a makeshift hospital. After staying together for so many days, they became good friends and had mixed feelings about leaving the hospital.

In 2008 when the violent earthquake happened in the Wenchuan area of  Sichuan province of China, a medical team from Wuhan’s WISCO General Hospital went to Wenchuan’s Longzhu village for rescue work and ensured zero death and infection for the local people. In return for this, twelve years later, when Wuhan was hit by the coronavirus, Longzhu villagers gathered over 100 tons of fresh vegetables, and drove six trucks all the way from Wenchuan to the hospital in Wuhan.

Two nurses, Jinghai Yu and Lingyi Zhou, supposed to have a wedding in Shanghai in  January. However, both of them were tasked to join the medical team to Wuhan. Without any preparation given their busy work schedules, the couple held a 15 minute-long mini-version wedding with a folded paper ring.

After three months of non-stop hospital work, a couple from Wuhan Central Hospital took a 30 minute-long walk in the park along the cherry blossoms. They did not even change out of their work attire. “In case something happens in the hospital that needs our support, we can get back to work as soon as possible,” they said.

A landmark LED screen on a Wuhan business street in which displays, “Wuhan, We Are Back”.


Travel tickets

Two special travel tickets are listed on the auction page.

The RMB 42 yuan train ticket belongs to a JD courier named Huabin Li. In face of the city lockdown and worried about the soaring workload of his colleagues in Wuhan, Li immediately suspended his vacation and took on train from his hometown in Guangdong to Hubei province. On Jan 23rd , right before the lockdown in Wuhan began, he transferred to one of the last trains entering the city. Li did not leave his delivery post until mid-May, when he finally returned home.

Dr. Yifan Wang is an ordinary medical worker from Zhengzhou city, Henan province. Her son had just turned two years old when she left home to join the medical relief work in Wuhan in early February. She provided her air tickets for the mission to JD Auction as she strongly supports the cause that the funds will go to. “My son will be so proud of his mother when he grows up,” said Dr. Wang