Sep 29, 2020|

JDD IPO Prospectus: Six Years of Robust Investment in Technology


by Yuchuan Wang

As a digital technology provider, JD Digits (JDD) is determined to be the chief growth officer for industrial digitization, helping its partners and clients lower costs, increase efficiency, improve customer experience and upgrade their business models. To achieve this, JDD has continued its robust investment in technology for the past six years.

According to JDD’s IPO prospectus, the company ranks second in terms technology R&D investment as a proportion of revenue among Sci-Tech Innovation Board companies on Shanghai Stock Exchange with revenue of more than RMB 10 billion yuan.

JDD also has a young and creative talent team. As of June 2020, the company has a team of 4,172 R&D employees which accounts 41.77% of the total employees. Employees born after 1990 account for 48.70% of all employees.

The continued investment in R&D and talent recruitment has brought fruitful achievements to JDD. It now has multiple core technologies in the fields of big data, AI, cloud computing, blockchain, and more. As of August 31, 2020, JDD and its affiliates collectively held 2,230 patents.

“Facing the future, we firmly believe that digital technology will drive unprecedented changes in the industrial ecosystem, and JD Digits is destined to be a driving force in this change… We will tell history that we have not only been here, but we have changed, and our change will also change the world,” said Shengqiang Chen, CEO of JD Digits.

In the future, JDD plans to use the funds to be raised from its IPO to upgrade digital solutions for financial institutes, merchants, enterprises and emerging industries, build an open technology platform, expand a digital technology center, and supplement working capital.