Oct 29, 2021|

JD to Boost Agri-Products Sales for Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Vivian Yang

JD.com has vowed to give a strong boost to premier agri-products sales and thereby farmer’s income growth in the upcoming Singles Day Grand Promotion. The e-commerce giant today announced the goal to sell more than 30 billion RMB-worth of agri-products, two days before the shopping festival officially kicks off on Oct. 31.

During the pre-sales period that began Oct. 20th, the average daily transaction volume of agricultural products on JD.com has increased 5.8 times compared with October. Chinese consumers demonstrated strong interests in agri-brands from the origin production areas, and those with high quality containing rich nutrition, such as crabs from China’s famous freshwater lakes in Suqian of Jiangsu province, eggs by well-known producer DQY Ecological, Zespri Kiwifruit, fresh mutton slices from time-honored Chinese brand Dong Lai Shun and more.

JD will accelerate efforts to support rural revitalization in five main areas, which include faster delivery services in rural regions, a more efficient middle platform for agri-products’ circulation, smoother transportation of fresh produce to the markets, and rapidly building new business formats and production zones in rural areas.

The company has targeted more than 1,000 premier agri-brands across China to double their sales through JD.com during this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion. It also deployed its intelligent city technology to source agricultural products and digitalize their supply chain process from their origins all the way to the customers.

“We aim to create a positive feedback loop in which high quality agri-products can better satisfy customers’ demand and increase farmers’ income, which farmers can then reinvest in production improvement to offer greater agri-products to the market,” said the announcement.

Under JD’s estimation, farmers who participated in this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion on JD.com will gain an average revenue of RMB 6,000 per person, benefiting approximately 5 million rural households. Moreover, JD has carried out a series of online training programs for farmers and production zone workers to learn e-commerce skills and prepare for the shopping festival.

To support a leapfrog development process for farmers and rural areas, JD.com is going deeper into the planting, sorting and processing phases of agri-products to support local farmers to produce more standardized products and facilitate their marketing. In the background, it is also stepping up efforts on implementing its new-generation infrastructure in supply chain, logistics and technologies in rural China to make all of this possible.