Sep 16, 2020|

JD to Build Playgrounds for Pigs to Increase Farmers’ Income


by Vivian Yang

JD and the local government and enterprises in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northeast China announced a partnership on September 15th to co-develop pig farming and pork products. As a poverty alleviation effort and under the company’s “support agriculture” program, JD announced the plan at a signing ceremony to sell RMB 200 million yuan of Harbin’s “running mountain pig” within one year in China.

The first project for JD is to revamp the pig farms in Yuquan Hill (玉泉山), a poverty-stricken mountainous scenic area near Harbin. JD will work with local government to create a healthy and happy environment for black pigs to grow.

Several playgrounds will be built inside the farms, allowing the pigs to do sufficient daily exercises in a space that is ten times larger than the average pig farm. Pigs can swim in the pool during summer and play in the snow during the winter. Thanks to the diversified activities available, pigs raised in Yuquan Hill farms have earned the name “running mountain pig”. They contain less fat than ordinary pigs.

At the same time, to support households living below the poverty line in this region, JD will give farming tasks to poor households and once they meet JD’s standards, the pigs will be sold on JD, and the company will ensure they are compensated for their farming costs and receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale.

With the support of JD, “running mountain pig” products such as pork heads, bellies, and ribs saw the quickest growth rates both online and offline in the fresh pork category during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion.

“JD has set a goal to help sell RMB 2 billion yuan of running mountain pigs this year,” announced Xiaofei Li, the head of the program, during the signing ceremony. “We have confidence in the comprehensive supply chain management and quality control of the pork products, and we also know that the program can indeed increase income for the local farmers and serve as a good model for agriculture support and poverty alleviation.”

The “running mountain pig” program has so far directly increased incomes for 540 poor households and provided 4,000 working opportunities for local residents in Harbin.

JD will also support local pork enterprises to develop more C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) products based on its big data and consumption analysis. For example, a local manufacturer’s C2M “juicy black pork grilled sausage” product became a hot seller on thanks to its quality guarantees backed by JD and the increase of home-made barbecue demand because of the epidemic.

The “running mountain pig” program is part of JD’s poverty alleviation initiative that aims to provide job opportunities for people in impoverished areas and high-quality “farm-to-table” agricultural products to urban consumers. Other projects under this initiative include JD’s “running chicken”, “swimming duck” and “flying pigeon”.